Bindery Services

Bindery Services

Dwight & Bev, handle our bindery services department. They handle everything from basic cutting, folding and laminating to more elaborate mail preparation and booklet-making services. Our full range of bindery services allows every job we produce to go out the door ready for distribution.

Dwight is also our press operator and he handles the following:
- Comprehensive understanding of various finishing machines -- folding, cutting, binding, laminating, booklet making, etc.
- Collects samples for file management system
- Quality Assurance

Bev is also our store manager and handles the following:

- Cutting, booklet making, collating and direct mail services. Sort your mailing list by zip code and prepare it for bulk mail using your bulk mail permit or ours. She runs the addressing system and prepares the mail to go to the post office. From there, Bonnie takes it over to the post office, therefore saving you time.